Micro-Learning Dripping – Why is it the new black for coaches?

What is the most suitable, easy-to-pursue, and affordable strategy for coaches, trainers, online course creators, and tutors to grow their businesses? This is probably the most triggering question in your mind when you come around thinking of your coaching business. This question must be asked not only at the beginning but also throughout your journey […]

How can you make passive income with mini-courses?

There are two main ways to make money in this world; renting your time to someone else or making a product or service that pays you day after day. Either is fine, but the income streams you set up once continue to pay you without spending your time is a smart move. This is called […]

How to grow a mailing list with low unsubscribe rates?

TV killed the radio star? Well, no matter how much digital strategies have developed in recent years, email marketing will never die. The power of newsletters is so appealing that we see subscribe buttons on nearly every website we visit! Yet, none of the mailers want to be just another spam sender on people’s promotion […]

How to use “Collections” effectively?

Mini-courses are wonderful tools to share bite-size educational material. With a micro-learning journey, you can grab the attention of your leads, nurture your community, raise curiosity among your target audience, create a willingness to start something bigger, and even get paid for your work. Collections of mini-courses are even better to present your content in […]

How to grow your Etsy shop with mini-courses?

Designers, local producers, handmade artisans, independent, creative souls, mom-and-pop shops, and family-run businesses, this one is for you! We both know you enjoy making things. So, it’s time to make a story! Tell us more about your shop and your work. Allow your audience to connect with you willingly and naturally on the way. The […]

How to make scheduling operations more personalized and targeted with mini-courses?

Professionals working in the lead generation or customer support fields know one thing better than anyone else: targeted and personalized communication is the key to higher customer satisfaction and conversion. So, if you have to set up online customer support meetings with your clients or let leads book online appointments with you before making a […]

How to get more YouTube subscribers with mini-courses?

YouTube engagement with mini-courses

We all know that content is king on YouTube if you want to get more subscribers. The depth, quality, and relevance to the audience are, by far, the most important determinants for the performance of your YouTube channel. But, you already knew that. So, what if you want to do more, and move beyond just […]

See Mini Courses in Action

sharing mini-courses

Simplicity is the most important aspect what we care most; not only for creating mini-course, but also for the way how audience views it. We designed end-user interfaces so plain that there are no distracting details, no overwhelming items, no feeling of content burden. What appears on the screen is just your amazing content, nothing […]

11 Creative Ways to Use Mini-Courses (A Comprehensive Guide)

Creative ways of using mini-courses

One of the most effective ways to keep people engaged with your business is through educational content. Especially if you are an online course/workshop provider, trainer, or actively in coaching business, presenting educational content is a common practice, and it works very well as a lead magnet! When you offer a portion of your knowledge, […]