How to grow your Etsy shop with mini-courses?

Designers, local producers, handmade artisans, independent, creative souls, mom-and-pop shops, and family-run businesses, this one is for you!

We both know you enjoy making things. So, it’s time to make a story! Tell us more about your shop and your work. Allow your audience to connect with you willingly and naturally on the way. The power of your story will help you grow your business.

Building a small business from the ground up is one thing, but keeping it running is quite another. In the end, only you understand how much time, effort, and dedication it takes to keep things ticking along.

So, shout t from the rooftops, and be proud of your product.

When you tell your story to your audience, all of your struggles become a great synergy that adds value to your shop.

For this reason, a good “About” page is essential for your Etsy shop! Caring people prefer to purchase items with a backstory. This makes them feel special and strengthens the bond between two souls: the creator and the audience. You need to pour your heart out and persuade the potential customer to buy from you.

On the other hand, you don’t have to limit yourself to the “About” page only, when there is so much more to tell. The “About” page’s potential is limited to the visitors who have already arrived at your shop, and there isn’t much space for everything you want to show or tell.

Also, there is a lot of competition on Etsy, so you’ll need another way to bring people to your store.

A newsletter, a strong social media strategy, and maybe blog pages will help you tell the potential customers more about your journey as a designer and producer, the creative process, insights from production stages, small how-to tutorials, and so many more.



There is a super quick and easy way to create content for these areas and generate leads simultaneously. With a space that can be changed to hold any number of pictures, videos, questions, and polls, it is time to make quick and easy micro-content!

You can create a micro-learning journey easily with mini-courses. A mini-course lets you do things your own way. It does not always need to be educational; a mini-course can be about anything you want to say! As the creator in this room, you are free to connect with your potential customers in as many ways as you like.

How to reach your audience with mini-courses?

You can share your mini-courses on your social media, send them with e-mails, embed them on your blog page, or even use them as a landing pages. They are compatible with viewing both on desktop and mobile. Not only that, but they are SEO-friendly too! Win, win!

  • If you want to share your mini-courses on social media or in e-mails, you can easily get the share link. You can customize the social sharing preview as well!
  • There are many ways to embed a mini-course on a webpage. If you are using WordPress as your provider, Mini Course Generator has a plug-in that takes only seconds to operate! You can also use JavaScript or iframe codes to embed on any website.
  • Your mini-courses can be the landing page found on Google search or the direct link to a Facebook ad campaign you operate. No need for a website first!


How does a mini-course help you grow your Etsy shop?

Get in touch.

One word, engagement!

Getting in touch with your potential customers is difficult unless they start the conversation first. But with the help of interactive content, you get to start a conversation with ease. Your relationship with potential customers will be organic from the start.

While your audience learns more about you and your business, you can get them to act through your narrative and make them feel special and treated well. Mini-courses make it possible to combine story-telling with interactions with the audience.

There are many ways to add input to your content, such as through e-mail, surveys, ratings, etc. Let’s look at some ideas.

Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #1! Tell the story behind your brand, a new collection, or even a product. Along the way, ask questions about their taste, preferences, and what they’re looking for, and understand your customer profile better. With Mini Course Generator, there are several card types available.



Generate leads and grow your mailing list.

An online business needs a successful email marketing strategy, for sure. If you already sell on Etsy, you can have followers but cannot reach them via email unless they have already bought from you.

But there are other ways to generate leads!

With your mini-courses, a person does not need to buy from you to become your newsletter subscriber! All you need to do is to set up an email input wall before you offer exclusive content, a special discount, or anything else.

These people love your work and want to support you! You can award them by sharing the joy of creating and giving them the taste and privilege of being an insider. Then, as your mailing list grows, you have the opportunity to give out coupons and notifications about your new products and limited collections. Slowly but surely, you will also observe positive changes in your shop’s performance.

Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #2! Create a mini-course titled “Mother’s Day Special: craft love bracelets with your kids in a few easy steps!” Place a sign-up wall in the beginning and collect e-mails from the interested people. Mini Course Generator offers several workflows to automate subscriptions to your newsletter.



Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #3! Offer editor’s picks and special selections to your potential audience. Make a survey on your mini-course to determine customer profiles, collect e-mails, and send links for products to those who fill out the survey.

You can also save the answers in the Mini Course Generator report for your mini-course.



Increase your Etsy shop ranking.

Your Etsy profile can also be made more interesting by adding exclusive content that customers can only see if they lea ve a review on your shop. All you have to do is present your know-how as an incentive to encourage the customers to lea ve a review on your Etsy shop and state this in your “thank you” email.

Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #4! Let’s suppose you sell handmade necklaces. Create a mini-course titled “DIY: a perfect bracelet that matches your necklace!” and add a password protection wall in the beginning. You can only send the password to the customers who left reviews in your shop. You can manage gateways easily with Mini Course Generator.



Benefit from an extra landing page.

Competition can get intense on Etsy.

If you want your shop to stand out among millions of others, there are a lot of metrics to follow with so many competitors. You need to follow trends, pick the right tags, and evolve in an abruptly changing environment.

What if you could build another landing page with your SEO-friendly mini-courses? You can increase your traffic with the aid of a secondary channel.

You can build an engaging, interactive landing page where you can share CTA buttons with direct links to your shop or products. Unlike Etsy, there is no limit to the number of images or videos! Add as many as you like. You can even connect a custom domain and customize the look to match your branding.

Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #5! Prepare a mini-course titled “10 gift ideas for men” to get traffic during Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day season.

You can add a CTA button at the end that directs to your Etsy shop. You can add and customize attractive link buttons in Mini Course Generator.



Strengthen your after-sales communication.

You can create mini-courses to serve as how-to tutorials for your products or feedback forms to get ratings from your customers. You can share the links via e-mail or create QR codes and print these codes to your packages.

Easy-to-create and engaging mini-course idea #6! Link a bonus mini-course titled “3 cross-utilization ideas for this product!” to a QR code in your package. You can add a rating bar on each page to see your customers’ reactions from 1 to 5.



With Mini-Course Generator, you can get live reports or be notified when the course is done. As a result, you will be able to keep and review statistics without forgetting anything!

Due to the flexibility of mini-courses, you can come up with your own use case and start speeding up your business.

The world needs to know more about your story!

So, why not reflect on your potential without wasting your precious time? Help build your brand using mini-courses that can be created easily and quickly with Mini Course Generator.

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