Enhance training impact with
warm-ups and reinforcement.

Boost the impact of your training programs, enhance learner engagement, and showcase your professionalism with delivering complementary mini-courses for your workshops, webinars, seminars, or private tutoring sessions.

Restrict access to courses for specific learners by either building automations in your learning journey design or using invitation-only access.

No credit card required

Telling isn't teaching. Go beyond live sessions with an autopilot.

Automate mini-course delivery for live training sessions like video conferences, webinars, live streaming, or for learners who have purchased your in-class training.

Some popular examples for automated training and integrated learning:

When a new learner registers to a webinar / training event, deliver a warm-up mini-course to start building learning engagement even before the live session.

When an attendee completes the webinar / training event, deliver a training reinforcement mini-course after the session.

When a learner completes the mini-course, give the right to join your training event, and your platform creates a new registrant for the upcoming program.

When a learner pays for your training program or starts a subscription from your existing platforms, deliver the complimentary mini-course & collection right at the beginning.

Restrict your courses to exclusive groups with invitation-only access.

Easy private access setup for you; Seamless, password-free entry for the learners.

Define who can access.

Add learners, create cohorts with them, and enable access for specific groups. They get an invitation email, which includes the magic link for seamless, password-less access.

Get detailed user metrics.

The magic-link sent to each learner is unique, which enables you to track each learner’s progress, their answers, and completions through the detailed reports on your dashboard

Integrate with your certification tool.

When a mini-course or a collection is completed, you can automate creating digital badges and online certification.

Hassle-free, password-less access for the learners

Mini Course Generator streamlines learners’ access – no need to create accounts or remember login credentials thanks to the magic-links, which provides seamless, password-less access.

Besides, links expire after learner accesses to the content to prevent public usage.

No-code integration

Use Zapier or Make to connect Mini Course Generator to any platform listed in their portfolio. Alternatively, you can use web-hooks as well.

Discover More Use Cases and Expand Your Benefits

If you are a training provider, this is your go-to tool. Use mini-courses and collections (courses) to enrich training & workshop sessions, monetize your know-how, automate onboarding, collect leads and educate your customers directly within your online product.


For creators selling courses

Get paid by selling courses to individuals through payment wall or provide e-learning content in SCORM to organizations.


For HR & community managers

Automate delivering mini-courses whenever a new member is added to your HRM, CRM, or even a Google Sheet.

In-App Education

For product owners

Offer courses directly in your own product for super-simplified customer & member training without the need for login.

Lead Generation

For coaches & consultants

Use mini-courses as lead magnets to collect emails, or to showcase the value of your coaching & training programs, boosting motivation.

Start enriching your training programs in a super-easy and user-friendly way.