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Use artificial intelligence to stop spending your time for legwork so you can focus more on creative edits.

Scale up your content marketing with high-quality & plagiarism-free mini courses.

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Let MCG prepare basis for your content so you can give your full energy on adding amazing content that makes the difference.

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AI content generator is combined with the platform to share the content directly. No need to copy-paste from a tool to another one.

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AI is trained for creating micro-learning content with an attraction grabbing style for better audience engagement.

How to use?

Create your mini-course super fast with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

1 Enter your topic

That you are going to mention in your mini-course.

2 Get AI-generated content

A typical AI-generated mini-course consists of around 6-9 cards, even including 1-2 questions. Questions have a great importance for more interaction.

3 Make your revisions

with adding / editing content to reflect your unique perspective, adding images, etc. to finalize your crème de la crème mini-course

4 Add gates for your goal

Add a sign-up wall to collect emails and capture leads.

Add a pay-wall to receive payments through your mini-courses.

Nurture your intellectual bonds with clients, subscribers, etc. without a gate.

5 Present to your community

Share its link with your own domain

Embed mini-course in your webpage

The whole text content in this mini-course is generated by AI Assistant at Mini Course Generator.

We added only images / videos and sign-up wall as a beginning card.

Think about how unique and fast it will be to complete a mini-course after your own revisions and fine-tuning.

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