Build and keep engagement, easily.

Use mini-courses for lead generation and community nurturing.

Offer up-front value to drive more sales

Creating engagement is the initial step for the marketing funnel. Use mini-courses like movie trailers to show a sample of your products or services.

They offer a simple way to give your audience an idea of your premium offer. Motivate your audience and win them over first to convert them into paid customers.

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Grow your emailing list

Educational materials are excellent tools for building an online community. Mini-courses can be used as lead magnets to grow your emailing list.

Share mini-courses with your followers on social media and ask them to subscribe newsletter to receive more of your lean courses. Besides, improve engagement in your newsletters with your interactive content.

Improve engagement on your website

Embed mini-courses in webpages to increase page engagement. Keep visitors on the same page without distracting their focus by directing them to another page.

Present knowledge, ask quiz, survey, or feedback questions, collect emails, give certificates, and even accept payments at a single place directly on your landing page.

Easy-going tutorials for clients, communities, teams & students

Attention spans are shrinking and micro-learning is its medicine. Create easy-to-digest, bite-sized series of mini-courses for a follow-up to reinforce learning, staff training, tutorials for after-sales with feedback collection, onboarding, short lessons for students, etc. Mini-courses are like interactive content capsules that you can use easily for various educational purposes.

More ways to benefit from MCG


It provides a helpful framework for a starting point and structure.

Get Paid

Monetize your knowledge fast and easy by connecting Stripe account.

Repurpose your existing content

Creating high-quality content needs significant time. Once you finalize, it is the best strategy to get the most out of it by repurposing. For instance, if you have created an engaging podcast, why not get its transcription and divide it into a series of mini-courses to distribute on social media and online communities?

Build mini-courses by repurposing your blog articles, youtube videos, or podcasts to gain new followers on different channels.

Personalized content for powerful lead magnets

One size does not fit all. Improve the success of lead generation campaigns with personalization.

You can provide a personal experience by directing users to new content paths depending on their answers. That improves the conversion since you can keep content relevant for viewers. Besides, such a branching segments your clients by their selections.


Utilize YouTube & Mini-Course Synergy to get subscribers

Content is the king on YouTube. OK, but what if you want to do more and move beyond creating great videos?

Your mini-courses help you build a robust relationship with a visitor who landed on your video after a search. Add interactivity to your channel by giving mini-course links in the description area of your videos. Make quizzes, give perks with passwords hidden in videos, collect e-mails, and even get paid.

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