Monetize your know-how super-easy and fast with mini-courses & collections.

Start getting paid for your expertise either by selling courses to individuals or providing SCORM packages to organizations.

No credit card required

Sell courses to individuals

Add a pay-wall to get paid for your educational materials. Offer exclusive access to mini-course collections, guides, micro-learning journeys, ebooks, PDFs, how-to video tutorials, and comprehensive learning modules.

Add pay-wall directly in Mini Course Generator

Seamlessly integrate a pay-wall into your courses, providing a smooth and seamless experience with a password-less magic-link, while preventing the link from being used by more than one user.

Integrate with your payment processor

Connect Mini Course Generator with your preferred payment tools through Zapier & Make. Upon payment, customers receive a password-less access link, while ensuring single-user access and preventing unauthorized sharing.

Your efforts, your money

You own all the efforts, so you should own all the revenue you make. Mini-Course Generator charges no commissions. Fees are emerging only from your payment processor.

Sell e-learning content to organizations

Effortlessly create your courses, export them to SCORM package, and offer them to corporate clients for use in their Learning Management Systems (LMS). You also have the flexibility to control the duration of e-learning material usage by revoking access to your content.

Start small & fast

Rather than attempting to create extensive courses, which can often lead to anxiety and procrastination, starting with mini-courses is an excellent first step in monetizing your knowledge. These smaller, more focused courses allow for a quick and less overwhelming entry into the world of online education.

Discover More Use Cases and Expand Your Benefits

If you are a training provider, this is your go-to tool. Use mini-courses and collections (courses) to enrich training & workshop sessions, monetize your know-how, automate onboarding, collect leads and educate your customers directly within your online product.

Enriched Training

For training professionals

Showcase your professionalism by offering complementary mini-courses with your workshops, webinars, seminars, or private tutoring sessions.


For HR & community managers

Automate delivering mini-courses whenever a new member is added to your HRM, CRM, or even a Google Sheet.

In-App Education

For product owners

Offer courses directly in your own product for super-simplified customer & member training without the need for login.

Lead Generation

For coaches & consultants

Use mini-courses as lead magnets to collect emails, or to showcase the value of your coaching & training programs, boosting motivation.

Ready to start earning from your expertise?