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Create mini-courses with speed and simplicity. Share your expertise easily, quickly & in a catchy way to increase engagement and to grow your business.

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Engaging experience for your audience.

Less is more. For that reason, there are no distracting details, no overwhelming items, no feeling of content burden. It’s just your amazing content. Check the sample, embedded mini-course below👇

How to create a mini-course?

There is absolutely no learning curve to build your mini-course. Thanks to its simplicity, MCG helps your creativity in content by preventing overthinking or planning details. No complexity of a bulky macro-course builder. Save time and start fast.

The procrastination killer tool

Stop overthinking the details of a course-creation process, which probably prevents you from getting started. Remove all the mental and time obstacles that hinder taking off.

Speed to market is the key to progress in the business. Start small and fast with MCG’s simplicity to quickly test and develop your content ideas.

The perfect blend for interaction

Quiz tools are suitable for interaction, but they cannot move out of questions. Likewise, tools like video playlists or blog articles don’t have the ability to ask questions.

With Mini Course Generator, you can present information and ask questions harmoniously. Add quiz/feedback questions to make your micro-content interactive and engaging. Besides, questions and their answers help you understand your audience with data.

No need for a sign-up!

Sign-up is not required to make your audience view your mini-course. Your audience can get your content simply with direct link sharing and without registration. (Alternatively, you can add a sign-up wall, password protection, or a pay-wall depending on your preference.)

First, build your authority without any registration barrier to create a stronger connection with your audience and then proceed to the next steps for your business goals.

More ways to benefit from MCG

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The versatile product for various marketing and sales purposes.


It provides a helpful outline for a starting point and structure.

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In which dimensions are we
better than alternatives?

Macro course
playlist tools
No learning curve to take off
Adding assessment and feedback questions
Neither overwhelming items nor feeling of content load for viewers
Creating feeling of achievement within a short time

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