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Turn your content into mini-courses in the easiest and fastest way possible. Use your mini-courses for lead capturing, lead nurturing or starting to sell your know-how.
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How mini-course works?


Create a mini-course with various content types like free-text, assessment & feedback questions, etc. and enrich with videos, images, and pdf’s. Use AI-Assistant to scale up content generation.


Share with a link in your custom domain or embed it any webpage. Add a payment gateway, a sign-up wall or make audience view it with a single click without sign-up.

Impress & Engage

Audience can view your mini-course without distracting details, overwhelming items. Make your audience feel that they are achieving something within a very short-time.

Some use cases for training providers,
consultants and content creators

Use as interactive teasers

Creating engagement is the initial step for marketing funnel. Use mini-courses like a movie trailer to motivate and convert users for what you offer. Give an idea to your audience about the quality of your offer to drive more sales.

Save time by AI-Assistant

The more you create and experiment new content, the easier you find attraction grabbing topics compared to guesswork. AI-Assistant can help you save time for content generation. Create more & better mini-courses in less time by artificial intelligence.

Use mini-courses
as lead-magnets

Spread your ideas in an interactive mini-course format, in which presenting knowledge and asking various types of questions are blended in a seamless way. This type of a rich-presentation helps creating more engagement and lead generation in comparison to non-interactive content.

Accept payments

Monetize your knowledge fast and easy by offering mini-courses. Receive payments for them by simply connecting your Stripe account. Mini-courses can help you to start getting paid without big time investment.

Build a functional
micro-landing page super-fast

Add your custom domain and present your content while asking various type of questions, capturing leads, and receiving payments without any need for additional tool. Create your micro landing page super-fast without thinking over design details. Just focus on your content instead of design variations.

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Why to use mini-course generator
compared to alternatives?

Macro course builders
Video-based playlist tools
No learning curve to take off
Adding assessment and feedback questions
Neither overwhelming items nor feeling of content load for viewers
Creating feeling of achievement within a short time

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