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Turn your know-how into mini-courses in the simplest, easiest and fastest way possible. Use your mini-courses for various marketing purposes like motivating for a paid macro-course, testing your course ideas, or getting paid for them.
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See Mini-Courses in Action

Present knowledge and ask questions in a seamless way. Add interactivity to the content you share in your social network and web pages. Check some sample mini-courses below

Story of Notion App - Milestones and Highlights

Use Case: Sharing motivational content and stories with questions

Solving Complex Problems with Biomimicry

Use Case: Promoting a training event while understanding expectations

Myths and Strategies About Mobile Content Strategies

Use Case: Bringing out knowledge gaps to motivate for a training

Iconic Ad Campaigns that Changed the World

Use Case: Enriching email newsletter content with a mini-course

Dog Adoption - What Happens Next?

Use Case: Offering free courses with email dripping for subscriptions

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Embed Your Mini-Course on Your Web Page

Visitor engagement on your website has a big effect on your business. You can add mini-courses to any of your webpages with a single line of code. If you wonder how it will look like, check the mini-course below 👇 It’s a quick-start guide about creating and sharing a mini-course in a fast and super-simple way. (As in this case, you can also use it as a customer support tool.)

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Some Use Cases for Training Providers
and Content Creators.

Use them as free course-trailers.

Creating engagement is the initial step for marketing funnel. Use mini-courses like a movie trailer to motivate and convert users for what you offer. Give an idea to your audience about the quality of your macro-course to drive more sales.

Arouse curiosity, raise interest, and make attendees understand better how your paid-course will benefit them.

Start simple, fast and lean.

Use mini-courses for experimenting your course ideas to see demand before a deep dive into a major time investment. They can assist you to be more confident with finding attraction grabbing topics compared to guesswork.

Test your training and content ideas with mini-courses to see reactions and monitor which gets a higher rating among alternatives before making a bold move.

Use mini-courses as lead-magnets.

Mini-courses enable you to use various content types – texts, videos, embedded downloadable PDF’s, GIF’s, and many types of questions that can provide more value in exchange for your visitors’ emails. You can increase lead conversion with a powerful lead magnet.

Besides, thanks to the questions in your mini-course, you can also get to know your audience more via their answers and feedback.

Can’t decide where or how to start?

Comparison of Tools Providing Content as Lead Magnets

When to Use Mini Course Generator?

For live training event / workshop / bootcamp providers

Live events are more about funnel management rather than single-shot activities. Mini-courses can help you all the way from pre-event to post-event marketing.

For on-demand online course providers

Mini-course does not mean only a small portion of your main online course. You can benefit from mini-courses for your marketing in many ways.


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