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Quick-start Guide: How to create and share mini-courses with MCG?

Take our mini course and check its engaging user experience yourself. Our course includes:

  • 7 micro-learning content items
  • Star-rating and Free-text questions
  • Takes 5 min. to complete
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What can you do with MCG?

Some use cases for training professionals and content providers

Understand which topics are worth investing your time and money in.

Your online course probably consists of many modules. Do you know which topics are exactly getting more attention and generating more sales? You can understand it easily by creating mini-courses that represent a module, placing them on your website (or sharing in your social network), and monitoring which gets a higher rating.

Before deciding on which topics to focus on, you can test its value with “lean courses”.

Increase curiosity and motivation for your live training events.

Pre-event marketing leads to great training events. Place your mini-course link on the event’s webpage to begin creating engagement days before the event start. Use motivational content and question challenges to create curiosity and interest.

For instance, if you schedule a free training on Eventbrite, this will help you to get more registrations and increase the show-up rate.

Collect more emails compared to monotonous lead magnets.

Mini-courses enable you to use various content types – texts, videos, embedded downloadable pdf’s, gifs, and many type of questions that can provide more value in exchange for your visitors’ email. You can increase lead conversion with a more powerful lead magnet instead of using only e-books or free videos.

Besides, e-books or videos offer only one-way communication. Thanks to the questions in your minicourse, you can also get to know your audience more by their answers and feedback.

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