Create mini-courses super fast with AI and great practicality.

Realize your mini-course ideas without getting overwhelmed or procrastination thanks to the AI course creator and no-brainer card structure.

Interactive mini-courses are great for using them as educational lead magnets, workshop enrichment assets, micro-learning materials to educate community or onboard new-comers.

✓ No credit card required
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Proceed fast with AI mini course builder.

You don’t need to struggle with the complexities of traditional course builders
to prepare bite-sized, interactive, and engaging micro-learning materials.

AI-Assistant and the overall simplicity of the Mini Course Generator
make mini-course creation a breeze.

Call AI-Assistant when you get stuck with your content as well.

In addition to using AI-Assistant for a complete mini course creation, it can also be used within each card to follow up on your introduction. Just write 1-2 sentences in a content card and leave the rest to the AI-Assistant. It makes you keep going.

No learning curve to get started.

You don’t have to think over curriculum, modules, or other “big” concepts to turn content into a structured course format. Build your interactive mini-courses easily and quickly thanks to the super-simplistic card structure.

Enrich and curate with media.

Upload videos, images, gifs, and pdfs directly. You can also embed anything via its iframe code, like a podcast on Spotify, a video on Vimeo, your calendar on Calendly, etc. Curate your mini-course with a variety of options.

Add questions & personalization.

Present knowledge and ask quiz/survey questions harmoniously. Deliver small chunks and micro-learning parts with a quick assessment easily. You can also personalize the end of the mini-courses based on the user’s number of correct answers.

Customize and automate

Make it work for your unique needs and leave your signature to the audience.

Customize the layout​
In coherence with your branding needs, add your logo, change the layout and themes.​

Check tutorial for more details →
Add custom domains​
Create subdomains by CNAME and share your mini-courses with your own domain.​​

Check tutorial for more details →
Customize the end​
Show personalized, targeted messages. Display scores, give certificates, or show conditional content based on the user's performance.​

Check tutorial for more details →
Automate workflows with webhooks​
Connect to other tools like e-mail marketing platforms or Google Spreadsheets to transfer collected data.​

Check tutorial for more details →

Customize How Users Access to Your Content

Make the audience start enjoying your mini-course instantly without any friction points like registration or login. Alternatively, place restrictions with gateways depending on your marketing goal. Place walls anywhere; at the beginning, middle, or end of your mini-course.

No Wall

Impress your community without any access barrier

Sign-up Wall

Use mini-courses as lead magnets to collect emails

Password Wall

Add exclusivity to your content and give the sense of privilege

Ways to Present Your Community & Audience

Embed a single mini-course or a collection directly on webpages

Share mini-courses & collections with customizable links

In which dimensions are we
better than alternatives?

Macro course
playlist tools
No learning curve to take off
Adding assessment and feedback questions
AI engine (GPT-3) to build courses faster & easier
Neither overwhelming items nor feeling of content load for viewers
Creating feeling of achievement within a short time

Join thousands of people
doing more with less content.