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Simplicity is the most important aspect what we care most; not only for creating mini-course, but also for the way how audience views it. We designed end-user interfaces so plain that there are no distracting details, no overwhelming items, no feeling of content burden. What appears on the screen is just your amazing content, nothing more.

Furthermore, we designed end-user interfaces for “micro-learning journeys for short attention spans”. You can make your learners feel that they are achieving something within a very short time. Mini-courses are user-friendly; your audience would not see mini-courses as a “big monster” or “scary”. Create quick-wins and incremental progress for long term engagement within your community. The interactive user experience is great.

You can share your remarkable and interactive mini-courses in two ways.


1) Share with the link


Each mini-course has a link and audience engagement starts from the beginning – just click and go. If you prefer, you can add a sign-up wall or a payment gateway at the middle or end of your micro-content.

Share your mini-courses in social media, in newsletters, and anywhere else you can use the link. Besides, if you want be consistent with your branding, you can customize links with your own domain.

Below are the some sample mini-courses to check out the end-user experience now.

🧡 Quick Start Guide for Mini Course Generator

🧡 The Story of Notion App 

🧡 Iconic Ad Campaigns that Changed the World 

🧡 Mobile Content Strategies 

🧡 Every good logo tells a story!

🧡 7 Creative Writing Steps to Improve Your Craft

🧡 Dog Adoption: What happens next?


2) Embed in your webpage 

Mini-courses are “capsules for interactive content” and they can be placed to your webpages through .js code – check the sample below.

Just plug and present to the world.

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