An A-Z Comparison: Why to Use Mini Course Generator instead of 7Taps for Micro-Learning Content Creation

Table of Contents Micro-learning is an emerging and unstoppable trend for almost everyone, but especially for solopreneurs. Not only for professionals in the knowledge business like coaches, trainers, consultants, and educators, but also for community managers, HR executives, freelancers, and business owners, micro-learning is an invaluable asset! This is basically a learning approach that breaks down […]

How to make free discovery calls “work” for your coaching business?

Table of Contents Here are some major benefits of free coaching sessions; Free first coaching sessions give coaches and personal trainers an opportunity to establish a personal connection with potential clients. Such an opportunity will directly attract new leads and can be beneficial for building trust and rapport, which is key for a successful coaching relationship. […]

Unlock the Secret for Boosting Workshop Engagement: The Power of Mini-Course Warm-Ups

Workshops and training sessions are great ways to share knowledge, skills, and information with your clients. These interactive learning experiences allow for hands-on learning and lively discussions, making them way more effective than dry lectures, traditional lecture-style presentations, or eBooks. Plus, they’re a great opportunity to build connections and earn your clients’ trust, which can […]

All about Mini-Courses – An Inspiring Conversation with ChatGPT

Today, artificial intelligence is the newest yet biggest companion of content creators. In this article, we wanted to answer common questions about mini-courses with the help of ai. So, ChatGPT is our special guest! We did not change anything in its answers, not even grammarly. Enjoy! Let’s ask AI! “…mini courses are a flexible and […]

Top 9 Benefits of Using Mini Course Generator WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for ways to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for your clients, students, or cold audience (for now, of course!), you came to the right place! Mini Course Generator, with its free WordPress plugin, is a powerful companion for coaches, consultants, workshop providers, trainers, and online course creators. You can use MCG […]

9 Creative Ways to Use AI for Your Coaching Business

For the last few months, AI has been mind-blowing, right?! We always knew that it was and would be capable of amazing things, but lately, it has proven the deed for abstainers, too. The thing is writing blogs, making jokes like Ricky Gervais, generating images for imaginary situations, and even writing and debugging codes! It […]

A Complete Guide: How to create mini-courses with AI?

Getting overwhelmed even before getting started… Sounds familiar, right? You’re not alone! It is a great idea to create a residual income stream through online courses. Monetizing your know-how with mini-courses is rather practical, but even creating mini-courses requires the urge to take the first step in. So, what is so difficult about it?   […]

How does a mini-course help coaches and online course creators generate leads?

With the heightened decrease in the attention span of consumers, creating mini courses has become more popular than ever. If you wonder if it will be worth the effort and if there’s any point in investing your time to create one, the simple answer is yes! A simple bite-sized course can actually benefit you in […]

How interactive content is turning things around for emerging businesses?

91% of B2B buyers prefer interactive and visually engaging content over traditional ones. Giving more interactive experiences to the users adds value to their buyer journey and eventually helps you close more deals. The interactive content can get you 2x more conversions than passive content. An increase in pipeline conversion rates can actually have compelling […]