An A-Z Comparison: Why to Use Mini Course Generator instead of 7Taps for Micro-Learning Content Creation

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Micro-learning is an emerging and unstoppable trend for almost everyone, but especially for solopreneurs. Not only for professionals in the knowledge business like coaches, trainers, consultants, and educators, but also for community managers, HR executives, freelancers, and business owners, micro-learning is an invaluable asset! This is basically a learning approach that breaks down large pieces of information into small, easily digestible pieces. It’s become increasingly popular since it was discovered to be surprisingly effective in helping people retain and remember information and also very easy to share and distribute.
Micro-learning content can deliver information in a variety of formats, such as videos, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, infographics, or -combining the most powerful properties of each- a mini-course! There are lots of wonderful micro-learning tools out there, yet they specialize in certain areas and differ from each other. 7Taps and Mini Course Generator are the two popular and user-friendly content creation platforms that are focused on creating short courses. With both of these marvelous platforms, you can create easily accessible, interactive, and engaging mini-courses in seconds without dealing with the complexities of conventional LMS tools. The difference in their features lies under the key group of users. While 7Taps is mainly preferred by L&D professionals and teams in the corporate learning domain, Mini Course Generator is used mainly by one-man show knowledge businesses that create micro-learning content mainly for individuals. Let’s say, while the LinkedIn bios of 7Taps users are likely to be “learning & development expert”, it would be “coach, consultant, trainer” etc., for MCG users. Besides, anyone who would like to create a passive income stream through their know-how can use MCG.
In this post, we’ll dig more into Mini Course Generator vs. 7Taps, review their basic features and properties, and discuss why MCG is a powerful 7Taps alternative.

Mini Course Generator & 7Taps Review: Key Features and Use-Cases

Both Mini Course Generator and 7Taps are web apps that educators can use to create mini-courses in card structures to deliver their know-how in an easily consumable, bite-sized form. You add different types of content cards in a mini-course, fill them in, and these cards form slides or pages of your mini-course. You can add not only text but also images, videos, and GIFs to your mini-course to color up your narrative. Besides, you can add interactive elements like quiz questions, feedback, and survey questions to your mini-course to boost engagement and increase the effectiveness of the micro-learning content.
Make your micro-learning journey more effective through interactivity.
Both products provide user-friendly interfaces not only for the creator but also for the end user. It is super easy to share a mini-course and even go through the micro-learning journey without hesitating to start, procrastination, or intimidation. If you need short educational materials for organically growing your business, warmups & recaps before & after training sessions, or onboarding, you can use these two tools to create content.

What are the differences between Mini Course Generator & 7Taps?

Now that we’ve covered the basic features of both platforms and their common properties let’s go through the key differences. Below, you can find how different MCG is from 7Taps in content creation, sharing content, use cases, and pricing.

1. Content Creation

1.1 What MCG does better

1.1.1 More powerful & higher functioning AI-Assistant for mini-course creation.
Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant works in multiple areas: mini-course creation (AI Course Creator), inside content cards to modify text further, and also generate AI-powered images inside mini-courses. AI Course Creator of Mini Course Generator is a short but detailed stepper where creators can specify not only the course description but also their profession and their target audience. This detailed input delivers high-precision output. While generating mini-courses with MCG’s AI agent, creators can even choose the medium where they’re planning to share their mini-course to adjust the content according to their use case. For example, if your aim is to download LinkedIn Carousel PDFs, our AI Course Creator will get you a mini-course with shorter and more focused text in it. The functionality of AI Course Creator is not limited to detailed course descriptions. We have control and human contribution to guide the AI-Assistant in each step. After the description is set, AI Course Creator brings totally editable title suggestions. Once the title is selected, an outline is suggested. Each header on the outline is again editable and new ones can be added to shape the content accordingly. Once the outline is concluded, gateways are added, and the theme is set, a mini-course is generated by our AI-Assistant. Depending on your needs, you can view the content, edit it further, and add visuals and interactivity elements. In Mini Course Generator, AI and person work together to produce a unique outcome. For a quick overview of AI Course Creator, see the video below!
After creating your mini-course, you can still get help from AI inside your mini-course edit screens. In 7Taps, on the other hand, AI-Assistant is present while creating the course draft only. We have the +++ button at the bottom of the cards to call our AI Assistant. You can use it to modify text, continue half sentences or introductions, paraphrase the existing text, summarize it, or enrich it. You can even curate AI-powered images on your mini-course.
You can click on the +++ icon under a content card to call AI-Assistant!
You do not need to generate content elsewhere and move them to your mini-course with extra effort. You can generate text and images directly on your content cards. While creating a mini-course, you don’t need any other AI tool when you have MCG!   On the other hand, 7Taps AI Assistant creates a mini-course draft based on a short description only. As the input is limited and there are no guided steps, the depth of this content is simply a draft. Besides, there is no extra AI functionality once the mini-course is created. One cannot use AI inside content cards or generate images. 7Taps is now working on a beta version of AI-Transformer, a feature that enables you to turn blog posts, PPTs, or PDFs into mini-courses.
1.1.2 Optimized for both desktop and mobile, with more space for text and images per card.
7Taps is more mobile-oriented. Therefore area for text per slide is limited. When you type in more text, the font size gets smaller to fit in mobile view. This can actually be a con for you if you’d like to have smaller content. However, on MCG, you can manually arrange each slide’s view and decide on the appearance yourself. There are three layout options, and they all work fine on both desktop and mobile. We’ve embedded a mini-course below; see how it looks on your desktop and mobile devices yourself!
1.1.3 More functionality with interactivity cards like feedback, surveys, and quizzes.
Both Mini Course Generator and 7Taps offer different types of content cards to add interactivity to your short lesson. On MCG, there are more choices. In addition to multiple selection type surveys and text inputs, you can also have numeric inputs and star ratings.
Feedback cards on MCG.
In quiz cards of MCG, you can add more than four options to a question. This gives you the flexibility and opportunity to cover more options and maybe make the question more difficult. On 7Taps, you can have up to 4 options per question. So, what happens after you ask the questions? In Mini Course Generator, you can shape the micro-learning journey based on input from your audience. You can keep scores based on quiz questions and also display personalized messages based on knowledge level. We have specialized completion cards for this purpose on MCG.
Decide on how to finish a mini-course based on the performance of the user.
By using conditional completion cards, you can display specific messages based on score and personalize your communication accordingly. You can also present the next mini-course, which is appropriate for their level! All user activity is stored in your mini-course report, but you can get notified upon course completion, too. You can even build custom web flows via our webhooks.
1.1.4 It’s easier to customize the appearance with different themes and fonts.
We all know that content is king, yet appearance is another critical aspect of your branding! On MCG, every user -even free plan users- can customize the appearance of their mini-courses with tens of different presets, or by setting their own branding choices. We have three different layout options that determine the card stretch, alignment, and placing & styling of the next buttons on slides. You can also upload your own background, logo, etc.
Besides, we have Google fonts integrated into our system so that you can pick one that matches yours similarly, if not exactly.

1.2 What 7Taps does better

1.2.1 Polls
You can add poll cards to your mini-course on 7Taps. You can make these polls anonymous as well.
A poll card on 7Taps.
1.2.2 Ability to upload audio directly.
If you’d like to enrich your narrative with audio, you can do it by directly uploading an audio file to your content cards. On the other hand, on Mini Course Generator, you can present audio either by embedding from another source like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or by converting your mp3 to mp4 and uploading this to your cards as a video.
1.2.3 Different AI features for content creation.
7Taps has AI video characters for generating AI-powered videos based on text input, which is great!
You can type your text, choose a character and get your video.
Besides, they have a new feature: AI Transformer. You can upload different types of materials, like PDFs, blog posts, etc., to get an AI-powered mini-course based on that.
You can get a mini-course draft with 7Taps AI Assistant, and also upload a document as a source.
1.2.4 Branching
It’s possible to create personalized content paths on MCG, too. But it’s easier and smoother on 7Taps. Inside a single mini-course, you can divide the content into chapters, ask questions, and create separate paths based on the answers users give. You can see a view from Kimberly Goh’s 7Taps review below.
Edit screen of a branching scenario on 7Taps. Taken from the lovely 7Taps review by Kimberly Goh.

2. Sharing Content

2.1 What MCG does better

2.1.1 Embedding is more functional and flexible.
Mini-courses and mini-course collections created with MCG can be embedded on every website. Earlier in this article, we’ve showcased an embedded mini-course. This time, to demonstrate how embedded collections look, we’ve embedded a mini-course collection below. To learn more about properties and use cases of collections, see here.
Besides js codes that are valid for every website, we also have a WordPress Plugin! If you host your website on WordPress, our plugin would be very helpful in saving time and energy. You can also get iFrame embed codes for your mini-courses, but this method would not be responsive to the content length of the cards. On the other hand, 7Taps provides only iFrame codes for embedding single mini-courses.
2.1.2 Ability to download mini-courses as PDFs to share on LinkedIn as carousels.
LinkedIn provides a valuable platform for solopreneurs to establish their brands and attract new clients. It is essential to maintain an active and impressive LinkedIn profile in order to showcase your expertise and build credibility within your industry. This is particularly crucial for coaches, counselors, and training providers seeking growth opportunities. Like every social media platform, consistently sharing valuable content and engaging with your followers works for LinkedIn. Utilizing mini-courses is an innovative approach that can significantly boost engagement on LinkedIn.   You’d be surprised to discover how effectively mini-courses can enhance your presence on LinkedIn, if you get to share them in a suitable way! After creating a mini-course centered around a topic you specialize in, you can transform it into a PDF format and share it as a LinkedIn carousel. This method increases the visibility of your post since LinkedIn discourages external links. Another benefit is that you can get help from AI during content creation, repurpose your output, and save time. Below, you’ll see a detailed tutorial about MCG’s LinkedIn carousel export feature.

2.2 What 7Taps does better

As 7Taps is more focused on corporate training, they have marvelous features like course data export with xAPI to LMS platforms and SSO. Besides, 7Taps has different share options like getting a QR code of the mini-course directly from the platform or sharing a mini-course via SMS.

3. Use Cases

3.1 What MCG does better

3.1.1 Selling content directly through your own Stripe account with our direct integration.
If you’d like to monetize your know-how, you can do it directly on your mini-course by connecting with your own Stripe account. Our paywall can be added to your mini-course like any other content card to secure content and gate access in a more powerful and direct way. No need to send unauthorized links in exchange of payment elsewhere.
A view from the admin dashboard of MCG. Payment gateway is placed on the 3rd card.
We do not have any commission cuts from what you earn! Except for Stripe’s own fees, what you make on your mini-course is yours. Learn more about getting paid with Mini Course Generator.
3.1.2 Micro-learning as a marketing power!
While 7Taps excels in corporate education, Mini Course Generator proves to be a potent tool for generating passive income and enhancing marketing efforts. With MCG, you can leverage your mini-courses as effective lead generation and nurturing tools. Not only can you collect REAL user emails, but you can also seamlessly integrate them with popular mailing platforms, amplifying your outreach and engagement strategies. With MCG, you can expand your reach, establish valuable connections, and create new opportunities for growth. Especially if you’re tired of getting fake email addresses and not being able to form organic bonds, make sure to check this blog post.

3.2 What 7Taps does better

On the other hand, 7Taps offers a range of features specifically tailored to corporate learning. One of them is the teams feature. 7Taps facilitates collaboration among team members. Additionally, 7Taps provides advanced functionalities like HR system integrations, and streamlining administrative processes within corporate environments. Moreover, the platform allows easy sharing of mini-courses directly on Slack, ensuring effortless accessibility for employees.

3. Pricing

Mini Course Generator has cheaper plans and is a more economical alternative, especially for solo riders. It’s as simple as that!
You can get started fast with your education business without committing big investments. Mini Course Generator, with every one of its features, urges creators to start small and fast. 7Taps pricing by May 2023 is also shown below.

All in all…

In conclusion, both Mini Course Generator and 7Taps are user-friendly platforms for creating interactive and engaging mini-courses. While 7Taps caters more to corporate L&D professionals, Mini Course Generator is ideal for individuals and one-person knowledge businesses. These web apps allow educators to deliver bite-sized content through cards, with the flexibility to include text, images, videos, and interactive elements. If you have individuals as your clients, you need to generate passive income, or you need micro-learning materials for lead generation, lead nurturing, warmups & recaps, or onboarding, it becomes clear that Mini Course Generator is a powerful alternative to 7Taps. If you agree, get started today!

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