A Complete Guide: How to create mini-courses with AI?

Getting overwhelmed even before getting started… Sounds familiar, right? You’re not alone!

It is a great idea to create a residual income stream through online courses. Monetizing your know-how with mini-courses is rather practical, but even creating mini-courses requires the urge to take the first step in. So, what is so difficult about it?




What keeps us from diving in is usually trying to imagine the whole workload and being frustrated right from the beginning. After all, being good at something does not mean creating educational material about it will be easy.

What if we told you the road is not that steep? What if we told you that once you take the first step, the rest will just go with the flow? AI assistance will take the stand right at this point! It is totally OK to get help to kill your procrastination, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a great sidekick.




What is the role of AI in online content creation?


AI-powered content creation is taking the lead in the last few years. The ease of the whole thing is just like magic and is appealing to many content creators. Enter a keyword to get a full-page article, ask a question and get the answer, or write a half sentence and let AI complete it for you. This technology is continuously developing day by day to ease our lives, and today it is sufficient to provide common-sense content by using existing knowledge.

On the other hand, editorship by a human is still a necessity. So, why not use AI to do the legwork for you rather than having big expectations about it? To get the best performance from the existing technology, you can define the boundaries. Keep the input specific, and get the output just enough to help you move forward faster.

This is the approach we have in Mini Course Generator, where you can create content very easily with the help of artificial intelligence. In fact, we are the only specialized AI course builder.


How to use AI to create mini-courses?


A mini-course is formed by content cards, added one after another. When you add and fill in the cards, you create a mini-course! There are various content types that can be put together in Mini Course Generator.


Card types in Mini Course Generator.


You can create a skeleton of your content and fill in a few sentences to make an outline. In other words, create a mini course template. The rest will be the duty of AI-Assistant! Here is how:

AI-Assistant at Mini Course Generator is excellent for getting support when you are stuck during the content creation process. Yet, we believe that neither our tool nor others can not replace the human touch, at least in the short run. AI is good at providing existing knowledge and bringing common-sense answers. Yet, what matters most is, for now, and in the future, asking the right questions, which is a human being’s fantastic skill. Hence, building great content still depends on the author’s knowledge depth or the ability to evaluate the issue in multiple layers.

AI comes into play with a magnificent entrance: It saves tremendous time by generating the legwork and generic information, which enables the content creator to focus more on unique revisions and contributions.


What are some useful tips for the best practice with artificial intelligence?


Like we have mentioned before, AI is a still-developing technology with so much space to improve. To get the most out of it for the time being, you might find these good-to-know points handy.

  • Ask questions!
  • Add phrases like “for example” at the end of your input text. Similarly, you can use half sentences that end with “…”
  • Avoid topics that go out of common sense.

Click here to learn more about how Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant operates.


Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant will come in handy for your coaching and online course in many ways! It is possible not only to follow your introduction, but also to summarize, paraphrase, rewrite content and also generate questions with their answers. We have collected 9 different ai prompts in the video below. Make sure to check our blog post about the useful tips, too.

What can you achieve by using AI-Assistant to create mini-courses?


Save time and resources


We lose so many resources trying to put our ideas in words. We are good at coming up with the outlines, but turning them into perfect text pieces takes so much precious time from us. Your work as a creator becomes easier when there is a sidekick to do the writing for you. Thus, you become more productive.


Hold the control in your hands to get precise and focused results


There are many great tools to generate AI-powered content. However, being a coach, or course creator means you sell your know-how, and you need to keep the content in the direction you want. Getting full course material by entering a phrase or a sentence with the common AI tools will not produce in-depth results. The focus can shift very easily from your main aim, and you do not want that. It can take even more time trying to fix the text!

With our AI-Assistant, you have the chance to keep the tool focused with detailed input and shorter but stronger output. You get to run AI multiple times along the way, so you have the chance to choose in each step to go in the direction you designed.


Do all the work in one place


There is no need to use multiple tools to create AI-assisted content. With Mini Course Generator, you create content directly where it should be. There is no need to create whole from elsewhere and try to copy&paste portions of it to the right place on your mini-course.


Image created by AI (Dall*E)


All in all…


In this article, our aim was to show how artificial intelligence can save you significant time in AI-assisted course generation efforts.

Let the AI do the legwork in course generation so you can spend more time reflecting on your unique vision. Instead of preparing content only for SEO purposes, let’s contribute to the collective wisdom of humanity with the help of AI.

You can try Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant for free!

So go ahead and create a mini-course with Mini Course Generator to achieve more with ease and speed! Get started for free today!

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