9 Creative Ways to Use AI for Your Coaching Business

For the last few months, AI has been mind-blowing, right?! We always knew that it was and would be capable of amazing things, but lately, it has proven the deed for abstainers, too. The thing is writing blogs, making jokes like Ricky Gervais, generating images for imaginary situations, and even writing and debugging codes! It has so much to give, so why not take it? It is also a perfect idea to use AI to produce educational content. You can benefit from artificial intelligence for your business if you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or online course creator. If you want to get into the world of AI – and you should – there is room for everybody here.

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role for content creators like you, helping them develop and refine ideas, generate new content, and optimize and personalize their work for specific audiences. As content creators become more reliant on AI tools, it is essential to understand how these tools can help to improve their workflows and create better content.

Besides, it is crucial to understand these at the beginning and not miss the boat! In this article, we will explore 9 ways AI can help you be more productive as a coach and online course creator. These ideas include generating ideas for your programs, writing outlines for your speeches, reshaping your course materials according to your target audience, and so much more. For a quick summary, make sure to watch the video below. The ai prompts mentioned in the video will be shown in detail later on.

We will also look at some challenges content creators may face when using AI tools and how they can overcome them to create better content. After all, artificial intelligence is a still-developing technology, and it needs your wisdom and your unique touch as an experienced creator to give excellent outputs that serve you well.

✨ PS: If you are still hesitant to get started, let us tell you a secret: a portion of this article itself was written with ai!

Let's get started!

Let AI follow your introduction


We have all suffered from writer’s block! After a few sentences, we can get stuck, and it’s OK. At that moment, getting help from AI is a genius move to make so that you can keep going.

Because of this reason, Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant is great for stopping procrastinating. When you start creating your mini-course, it can complete your content based on your initial input. This means you can leave the legwork to AI and focus on more important things that will make your creation unique and beneficiary. So, how does it work? See our short tutorial video below!

Create an outline with AI


As you have seen in the video above, completing half paragraphs with artificial intelligence is very practical! Yet, many of us need a force pushing us in the very beginning as well. It’s a marvelous idea to get help from AI to plan your work.

With Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant, you can generate outlines, not only your courses but also your speeches, panels, and workshops!


AI creating an outline.


Not only outlines, but you can also generate an introduction to your content with AI! You can ask our AI-Assistant to be you and speak from your point of view in a specific situation like this:


AI acting like a well-being coach.


Generate lists with X ways, steps, etc., with AI


Lists like “X ways to be good at Y” are great for grabbing the attention of your leads, especially in coaching and consultancy businesses. AI is very successful at generating such lists given a good subject. Once you get the bullets, you can continue to deepen them with your expertise or with further help from AI!


AI generating X ways for Y.


Bring explanations to questions with AI


AI loves answering questions. If you ask the right questions to it, you can get great answers that will help you create your content faster and even find new areas to expand your program. You can also use this feature to see a different point of view to enrich your content for more people.


AI answering questions.


Let AI create questions with their answers on a subject


Interactivity is the most important thing to keep your audience engaged with your business. As a coach, keynote speaker, or online course creator, your job is communicating successfully. You’d like to make it two-sided to achieve more, so you need to ask questions!

AI can create questions for you based on a subject. You can use these questions to add a quiz to your course, use them for your online surveys, or color up your speeches as a keynote speaker.


AI generating questions and answers.


Summarize a long text with AI


Micro-learning is the new black! Attention spans are decreasing, so you have less and less time every day to serve your content. A full-fledged course or a PDF may have worked for you in the past, but now is the time to shorten things. Surprisingly, it turns out to be a difficult task! So, you can use AI to extract key points from your existing content and summarize a longer text into a shorter one in seconds.


AI summarizing a long text.


Let AI rewrite, repurpose, and paraphrase your input


There are a few reasons why you should consider rewriting or repurposing your content. You may have an old piece of content that isn’t getting much traction, and you want to give it a new lease on life. Maybe, your target audience has changed, and you need to renew your communication style. Or maybe you have a blog post that performed well, or you have created a workshop that turned out very successful, and you want to get more mileage out of it.

Whatever the reason, recreating your content can be a great way to get more eyeballs on your content and to keep your audience engaged. While doing so, Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant will be your trustworthy friend.

Here are some examples of how AI can recreate your content for different mediums or target audiences.


AI paraphrasing a text for a tweet.


You can paraphrase for children, too!


AI paraphrasing for a 3-year-old.


Correct your input to standard English with AI


Even if you’re a native speaker, you can use a sidekick to make things perfect for you! So use our AI-Assistant and get it all done quickly with a single tool.


AI correcting your English.


The best part about Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant is that you do not need another tool to copy-paste text. You get to finish all the jobs in a single place.


Create analogies, anecdotes, ads, and jokes, all by AI!


It’s the last one in this article, so let’s get creative and have some fun! You can use Mini Course Generator’s AI-Assistant to make your communication more interesting with analogies or even jokes!


AI telling jokes.


Not only that, but you can make AI add an anecdote to your text or even write an ad for you! You can make AI target people over 50 who want to start meditating and need your services as a professional with 10+ years of experience.


AI writing an ad.


How to overcome the challenges of AI while creating content with it?


AI is great for finding and presenting already existing knowledge to you. Yet, it is a developing technology with so much space to proceed. Besides, prompts you give to artificial intelligence should have certain properties for AI tools to work. So, what should you do? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the challenges of AI vary depending on the specific content creator. However, it is possible to overcome the challenges of AI.


Educate yourself on AI and its capabilities


It is important to understand what AI can and cannot do to use it effectively. Your subject should not be too broad or too narrow.

The way you communicate with AI is also important! You should be clear and concise in your communication with AI, so that it can understand your needs and fulfill them effectively. AI loves questions and phrases like “for example…”

To learn more about the best practice with AI and get the most out of it, see our tutorial here on Mini Course Generator’s AI Assistant.


All in all…


Now is the time for coaches, online course creators, and consultants to get into the world of AI!

Artificial intelligence will continue to amaze us with its capabilities, including the properties we have listed in this article, and most probably so much more. If you’re not already using AI to help with your coaching business, you’re missing out! AI can help you develop and refine ideas, generate new content, and optimize and personalize your work for specific audiences.

So, get started now!

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