Increase engagement and interaction in webpages with embedded mini-courses.

Present knowledge in a well-structured format, ask quiz, survey, or feedback questions, collect emails, give certificates, and even accept payments directly on your webpages.
They are like capsules for interactive content that can be placed anywhere.

✓ No credit card required

Embed a single mini-course to increase webpage engagement.

People have little time, so winning webpage visitors over must be done quickly.
Embedding catchy mini-courses in your landing page are great for that.
Check the UX from the sample mini-course below.

Embed collections with embedded mini-courses within them.

Present your selected mini-courses in a sequential learning path by using your mini-courses as chapters. It comes with a superior user experience, in which visitors see the list of mini-courses and interact with details on the same page. Check the embedded collection below 👇

Embed to “any” webpages.

Either hosted on WordPress or another platform, embed mini-courses and collections easily with .js codes. Besides, it is much easier with Mini Course Generator’s WordPress Plug-In for WP-hosted websites.

More ways to benefit from MCG

Use Cases
The versatile product for various marketing and educational goals.

It provides a helpful framework for a starting point and structure.

Super simple tool to build
and keep engagement high.