Share links with one-click instant access and start to impress immediately.

Let your audience just click a link and make them meet with your course directly. Show the tone and quality of your course without any sign-up or login barrier to build more connections.

✓ No credit card required

Change the URL for branding.

You can add multiple custom domain to customize the link. CNAMEs are valid for the links of both single mini-courses and collections.

Convincing lead magnet in socials.

Share links in Youtube’s description area, community platforms, Facebook, Twitter, etc. First, build a relationship and introduce your authority to new visitors; then, encourage them to subscribe to your account, leave their email or sign-up for premium offer.

Great for micro-learning dripping.

Use in workshop training programs, newsletters, employee & customer onboarding, etc. Great for dripping mini-courses by automated email sequences as micro-learning journeys, in which deliver a single mini-course in each email.

Share and give access to single mini-courses & collections simply with a link.

More ways to benefit from MCG

Use Cases

The versatile product for various marketing and educational goals.


It provides a helpful framework for a starting point and structure.

Super simple tool to build
and keep engagement high.