Strengthen personal brand on LinkedIn with mini-courses in carousel format.

Use AI-powered LinkedIn carousel creator to get an educational carousel post with images. Share them to show your expertise, start conversation and increase engagement with your audience on LinkedIn. Super-fast, super-easy and super-catchy!

✓ No credit card required

The only AI-powered LinkedIn carousel creator with images.

Once you create mini-courses, you can embed them on your website, share links anywhere (i.e., newsletters, social media bios, etc.), or turn them into tailored PDFs for LinkedIn carousel format.
Time Saver

No need to spend time with the details of designing carousel post.

Faster with AI

Utilize AI-Assistant to create more engaging content for LinkedIn in less time.

Engaging Format

Fluent reading experience
on LinkedIn for any kind of micro-learning content.

How to create LinkedIn carousel posts with Mini Course Generator easily?

Turn mini-courses, guides, listicles, step-by-step articles, checklists into LinkedIn carousel posts super-fast.


Go to AI Course Creator

and choose LinkedIn as your target medium.


Describe your content idea

and choose your title and outline based on that.


Stylize AI-generated images

that will color up your narrative.


Enrich with question and CTAs

to make LinkedIn carousel posts more engaging and fluent.


Export your engaging PDF

and upload it to your LinkedIn page as a carousel post.

Content is the king for organic growth on LinkedIn.

You can prepare great-looking “posters” as carousels on Canva or other specialized tools. However, “nice posters” come with design limits, and sacrificing content for the sake of visual appeal might not align with your goals all the time.

MCG will be a great fit for you if

you want to provide content-depth instead of posters with 1-2 sentences.

you want to provide an e-book reading experience directly on LinkedIn interfaces.

you created mini-courses and want to repurpose for LinkedIn in seconds.

you do not want to spend time with design details.

More ways to benefit from MCG

Use Cases

The versatile product for various marketing and educational purposes.

It provides a helpful framework for a starting point and structure.
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