A Complete Comparison: Why is MCG a good alternative to Gumroad for selling digital products?

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There are many platforms for digital creators to sell their work and get paid. Gumroad is a prevalent and helpful solution to earn residual income among these platforms. You can sell many types of creations on Gumroad, including educational materials. On the other hand, Mini Course Generator is a relatively new yet promising solution to sell educational content easily and fast. With MCG, you can create a course in minutes and start selling it right away. In this blog post, you will read an honest review from the MCG team about these two tools; what they are, what they solve, and in what fields they are superior to the other. Let’s start!

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to easily sell digital and physical products directly to their customers. It is an all-in-one solution for creating, marketing, and selling products online. The platform provides tools for setting up an online store, accepting payments, creating and managing products, as well as tracking sales and customer data. The platform also offers features such as marketing automation, analytics and insights, and integration with third-party services. With Gumroad, creators and entrepreneurs can easily take control of their products and revenue streams while also building relationships with their customers.


What is Mini Course Generator?

Mini Course Generator is an online platform enabling users to quickly and easily create interactive mini-courses, and other types of info-products like guides, checklists, ebooks, etc. You can be a training provider, online course creator, coach, HR representative, or COMPLETELY NEW to the knowledge business. Either way, you can use MCG to create a mini-course in minutes. The platform provides insane simplicity on every interface and has additional features to speed up, like content templates or AI-Assistant.

In fact, it is the easiest way to create micro-learning content and the only solution on the net that creates complete, highly-accurate, and ready-to-share content with AI in minutes. Even a beginner-level creator can produce engaging and interactive learning experiences for their audiences in much less time than it would take to develop a traditional course. The best part is you do not need any macro course builder or LMS that become so cumbersome and intimidating, especially at the beginning of a passive income journey.


How can you benefit from these platforms?

Gumroad and Mini Course Generator are both great options for solopreneurs seeking to monetize their know-how as digital products like mini-courses, guides, checklists, etc.. With both platforms, you can accept payments securely and easily share your products with social media links. Additionally, both platforms provide webhooks, allowing you to integrate with other platforms, track customer purchases, and automate certain processes. Furthermore, they both offer analytics tools to help you better understand your customers and their buying habits.

However, they differ in many points and become superior to each other to a certain extent. So, let’s take a look at what we found!


What does Gumroad do better than Mini Course Generator?

  • What you can sell on Mini-Course Generator are;
    • Mini-courses
    • Mini-course collections
    • Guides and checklists
    • Videos
    • Downloadable PDFs (ebooks)
    • Quizzes or courses with certification at the end
    • Paid newsletter subscriptions.

On the other hand, you can sell a wider range of products on Gumroad, including physical products.

Product types on Gumroad.
  • Gumroad allows you to open a public profile for yourself, which can be followed by other members of the platforms.
  • Gumroad has marketing-oriented automation tools for tracking everything you sell with detailed & sales-oriented analytics. Mini Course Generator, on the other hand, provides a separate report for each mini-course and does not provide a general sales report.
  • You can get paid on Mini Course Generator with direct Stripe integration. On Gumroad you can accept payments via PayPal and Apple Pay as well.
  • About payments, you can also create automatic discounts and offer coupons to your audience on Gumroad. It’s not possible on Mini Course Generator.
  • On Gumroad, you can add team members to your profile for publishing products and other jobs. Mini Course Generator is rather focused on personal usage only.
  • Finally, they have the cutest interfaces!

What does Mini Course Generator do better than Gumroad?


Cost Advantage

With Mini Course Generator, you can EARN MORE by paying less commission money to the platform! How?

The pricing policy of Mini Course Generator and Gumroad differ significantly. With Mini Course Generator, you only need to subscribe to the Premium plan which costs $29/month, and there are NO EXTRA COMMISSIONS from our side on the earnings you make; you only have to pay Stripe’s own commission.

On the other hand, Gumroad doesn’t charge any monthly fees, but you have to pay 10% commission for each sale you make.

To showcase the difference in earnings, we have calculated what you would earn on these two platforms in 2 months; varying the price of the product and the amount you sell. Here’s the difference in the revenue you’ll make.


Let’s say the price of your product is $20. Here is what you earn and pay as a fee when selling from 100 to 1000 units on Gumroad.


When you sell this $20-product on Mini Course Generator this time, here is what you pay instead.



Now let’s see the difference. We sell a $20-product from 100 to 1000 units on Gumroad vs. Mini Course Generator. The table below demonstrates the difference between the cost and its ratio to the revenue. As you can see, the difference is increasing further with a higher sales volume.


Now, let’s make the unit price of the product $50 instead of $20, and see the difference.

Finally, here is the summary table for a product we sell for $100.

As the tables above calculate, selling with Mini Course Generator saves nearly 5-7% of your revenue! The most striking fact is that this difference is increasing further with higher sales volume. So, the more you sell, the more it makes sense to do it on MCG.


Ease of Sharing the Content

Gumroad provides you with the share links of your product.

You can share your Gumroad products on your socials with a link.

However, on MCG, you have both the share links and the embed codes of your mini-course. So, you can embed it anywhere to blend the content seamlessly with your landing page in coherence with your branding. Want to see how an embedded mini-course looks? Click here to see examples!


Flexibility Before the Payment

On Gumroad, you can present a single page to be seen before the payment. Let’s say you sell a DIY tutorial for beaded phone charms.

You can enrich this page with beautiful images, detailed descriptions of your product in text format, and also a CTA button to motivate your audience to buy.

However, you cannot add interactivity to this page. On the other hand, there is a card structure on Mini Course Generator. This makes a huge difference from a one-pager that allows you to create a content variety and also make some the content accessible before payment as a teaser or preview.

You can present the same tutorial on Mini Course Generator with an engaging beginning with videos, encouraging questions, and also give some portion of your knowledge for free to give a taste of what you offer.

A view from the admin dashboard of MCG. Payment gateway is placed on the 3rd card.

You can make your content interactive with questions, which will help you convert more audience into buyers. 

Flexibility After the Payment with Content Variety and Interactivity

  • The interactivity factor of MCG continues to help you after the payment wall. On Gumroad, you can present a single page after the payment.

This is the one-pager you can create on Gumroad, which can be reached after the payment.

On the other hand, you do not need to fit everything in a single page on MCG. There are many content types that you can curate on MCG to create a highly-engaging, interactive mini-course.

Card types in Mini Course Generator.
  • Ebooks and PDFs are cool, but producing engaging content that does not scare people off has been more appealing to creators lately. On Mini Course Generator, you can produce and sell interactive content with lots of questions and media variety. You can combine quizzes, surveys, images, videos, and podcast episodes and embed anything in the mini-course. Content variety is very important for modern educational materials.
  • You can add challenging questions to motivate your audience to move to the next page. Mini-courses can be completed without the hesitancy to proceed and, thus, make your educational product more effective for your audience.
You can add questions in between your narrative to keep your audience engaged.
  • You can upload your videos directly on your mini-courses. On Gumroad, the only way of adding videos is to host them elsewhere and add them to your page with an URL. On MCG, you can do not only that, but you can also upload them directly to your content cards to prevent the unauthorized distribution of your video links.
  • You can personalize your communication based on the knowledge level and cross-sell or up-sell different offers easily and seamlessly.
  • You can add content gateways like password protection to your mini-courses to prevent free usage by free riders.

Getting Help from AI to build your content

Mini Course Generator is not only a sales gateway, but a content creation platform. On Mini Course Generator, interfaces are so much simpler and content creation is easier thanks for AI Course Creator. All the work is done directly on the platform without the need of an external tool. See the video below to see how our AI-Assistant works.


You can use your AI-powered content as a mini-course and you can also download it as a PDF to repurpose elsewhere, like sharing on LinkedIn in carousel format!

If you like this article and want to see the interfaces from each platform, make sure to watch our video below.



If your product is your know-how and you have ways to distribute it, like your own website or an effective social presence, we don’t see any reason why to pay more commission for the same function. Every expense matters for solopreneurs. There is a distinctive and increasing difference in the earnings between these two platforms with increasing amount of sales.

If you sell educational content and already have an audience, MCG will be more beneficial for you.

If you agree, get started now for free to create your own mini-course.

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