Trello 101 by Brittany Joiner

Trello is wonderful to organize your time and Brittany is totally the one to ask about it! She’s a marketer turned software engineer and an expert on how to use Trello effectively!

Art Coach Malcolm Dewey

Malcolm Dewey is a full-time artist, an experienced painter, and also a tutor. Malcolm uses his mini-courses to engage with his audience and introduce them to his programs.

Sculptor Juliana LePine

Juliana is a self-taught sculptor, sculpting tutor, YouTuber, mother, vegan, and feminist. She’s trying to be zero waste, too!

Printing Artist Rosanna Morris

Experienced printmaker, illustrator, and designer Rosanna Morris uses her power for communication and to create collaboration among society.

DIY: Beaded Phone Charms

DIY Tutorial Phone Charm

Bengi is an Etsy seller. She created this sample mini-course to share a how-to tutorial with her community.

The Story Of The Napalm Girl

Phan Thi Kim Phúc, known as the ‘Napalm Girl,’ appeared in the famous war photo depicted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph.

Mysteries Of The Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci left behind more than just the portrait of a woman with the Mona Lisa and also left us with one of the greatest mysteries.