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creates a comprehensive and accurate mini-course.

Just start with a description and let artificial intelligence come up with the title and outline suggestions. Once you select your preferences, get a complete, highly accurate, comprehensive mini course. Enrich with questions, images, videos, etc. to make it uniquely yours.

✓ No credit card required

Save significant time and energy by using AI course creator to build engaging & distinctive mini courses.

  Check out the minicourse that is created during the video.
(All text content belongs to AI, we only added images, a question, and a sign-up wall.)

Craft for your need

Call AI to prepare an accurate and complete mini-course. Then add your unique revisions with questions, images, videos, customized completions, etc., for your purpose.

All-in-one solution

Create with AI course maker and edit & share with the versatile capabilities of Mini Course Generator. All in the same platform to make the whole process even much seamless.

Under your control

From title selection to determining the outline, all journey is under your control. You can edit AI-based suggestions to guide AI-Assistant precisely in the way that is in your mind.

How to create a mini course with AI?



Guide AI with your profession, target audience, and the description of the minicourse to be created.


Select the title.

This section works as mini course title generator and suggests titles. You can select directly, edit, or add your own from scratch.


Conclude the outline.

This section works as mini course outline generator and comes with headers & sub-headers. You can conclude directly, or change order, edit, and add your own headers.


Stylize AI images.

Our AI Assistant will generate an image on each card, in relevance to the card content. This way, you’ll get a colorful narrative without spending time searching and curating visuals.


Get a complete mini-course.

Depending on the guidance so far, AI-Assistant comes with an appealing content that is distributed on cards. Add videos, images, and any embedable media to enrich your content.


Enrich with questions.

Add quiz, survey, feedback questions within cards to make mini-course interactive and more engaging.

Add questions, gateways, and personalization.

Enhance the content by adding interaction through quiz & survey questions, customizing appearance according to your branding, add gateways depending on your educational
or marketing goal.

No Wall

Impress your community without any access barrier

Sign-up Wall

Use mini-courses as lead magnets to collect emails

Password Wall

Add exclusivity to your content and give the sense of privilege

Payment Wall

Get paid and monetize your
know-how with Stripe

Present Your Community & Audience

Embed a single mini-course or a collection directly on webpages

Share mini-courses & collections with customizable links

Post mini-courses in LinkedIn carousel format

Ready to use AI for course creation to turn mini course ideas into reality?