Create mini-courses with super
simplicity to do more in less time.

Turn your know-how into an interactive mini-course format super-fast. Just get started; the rest will follow with a no-brainer card structure and the AI-Assistant.

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We offer "only" what you need.

If you aim to generate leads, complement coaching programs, convert cold visitors into engaged audiences and start monetizing your know-how, Mini Course Generator got your back. Start small and move fast with insane simplicity.

Course platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, Udemy, etc. are great for preparing full-fledged courses. Yet, you don’t need to be frustrated with tons of features and their complexities.

Forget frictions for you and your audience.

No friction
while creating.

You do not need to know or think over curriculum, modules, and other "big" concepts. No need for a set-up, no steep learning curve. Its simplicity guides you without any hesitancy. Save time while building interactive mini-courses with speed.

No friction
while accessing.

Make your audience start instantly enjoying your mini-course without any friction points like registration. Let them just click and go without a sign-up barrier. First, build a relationship and introduce your authority; then, encourage them to sign-up for the premium offer.

No friction while experiencing.

Less is more. That’s why there are no distracting details, no overwhelming or imposing layout, and no feeling of content burden on the user interfaces. It’s just your amazing content presented with an engaging experience. Check the embedded mini-course below 👇

The perfect blend for interaction and personalization

One-way communication is not engaging. Instead, present knowledge and ask quiz/survey questions harmoniously. Deliver small chunks of learning with a quick assessment easily. Besides, you can personalize the end of the mini-courses based on the knowledge level of users simply by including quiz questions.

Customize and automate

Make it work for your unique needs and leave your signature to the audience.

Customize the layout​
In coherence with your branding needs, add your logo, change the layout and themes.​

Check tutorial for more details →
Add custom domains​
Create subdomains by CNAME and share your mini-courses with your own domain.​​

Check tutorial for more details →
Customize the end​
Show personalized, targeted messages. Display scores, give certificates, or show conditional content based on the user's performance.​

Check tutorial for more details →
Automate workflows with webhooks​
Connect to other tools like e-mail marketing platforms or Google Spreadsheets to transfer collected data.​

Check tutorial for more details →

Embed directly on your website.

Embed a single mini-course or a collection directly on your website. They are like capsules for interactive content that can be placed anywhere. Besides, collections come with an embeddable landing page, in which visitors see the list of mini-courses and interact with details on the same page. Check the embedded collection below 👇

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It provides a helpful outline for a starting point and structure.

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In which dimensions are we
better than alternatives?

Macro course
playlist tools
No learning curve to take off
Adding assessment and feedback questions
Neither overwhelming items nor feeling of content load for viewers
Creating feeling of achievement within a short time

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