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You can try our mini-course templates prepared by our editorial team! They reflect the popular use cases of mini-courses and the best performing real-life examples from the MCG community and are here to inspire, guide and set examples for your own unique needs, like making quizzes with conditional messages at the end.

Ready-to-use, totally customizable and available on your dashboard! Find what works best for you, and get started fast.

What's it for?

One of the most effective teaching methods is asking! Presenting knowledge via questions turns out to be very effective for learners. This is called test to teach approach. Besides, from the instructor’s point of view, quizzes are great for understanding the profile of your audience and adjusting your methods accordingly. It can be determining how you communicate based on that or even deciding on your next marketing step using this information.

You can add an endless number of questions to your mini-course to use it as a quiz. You can also mix information cards with quizzes to create an instructive quiz that will teach and test simultaneously. Use a conditional card to display personalized messages at the end.

For these purposes, we have prepared a mini-course template for quizzes. You can view it with a minimalist user interface from this link or check the embedded version above.

You can reach, customize, and use the very same template on your own dashboard, as well.

Get started now, and create your own quiz-themed mini-course super fast by using this content template.

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