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You can try our mini-course templates prepared by our editorial team! They reflect the popular use cases of mini-courses and the best performing real-life examples from the MCG community and are here to inspire, guide and set examples for your own unique needs, like onboarding new employees and community members.

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Getting started in a new environment can be tricky and sometimes intimidating. While there is so much to learn, nobody would like to be left alone with an eBook or a long PDF with lots of text in it. Besides, from the tutor’s point of view, preparing long documentation with no chance to track and measure the effectiveness of education is no easy job. On top of that, the complexity of LMS tools… Let’s not get into that! So, how to conduct a smooth onboarding? It can be new employee onboarding, client onboarding, new member onboarding… In each case, what is the best on boarding technique?

It turns out that micro-learning is the cure to this problem. With a mini-course you will create in minutes, you can teach without creating hesitancy to start and also create a sense of achievement quickly. Thanks to the content variety of mini-courses, the information does not need to be “boring” anymore. You can add questions to increase the effect of the training and also make it more interactive. It is the easiest way for welcoming new members into a community or onboarding a new employee to a new job.

Make sure to add lots of quiz questions to keep the attention high. What’s more, you can link the next mini-course at the end to create a path for newbies or an employee journey.

For these purposes, we have prepared a mini-course template for onboarding. You can view it with a minimalist user interface from this link or check the embedded version above.

You can reach, customize, and use the very same template on your own dashboard, as well.

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