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You can try our mini-course templates prepared by our editorial team! They reflect the popular use cases of mini-courses and the best performing real-life examples from the MCG community and are here to inspire, guide and set examples for your own unique needs, like content dripping with personalized communication for lead nurturing.

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Lead Nurturing

What's it for?

Want to close more deals? If yes, you should build a relationship based on trust with your audience and then make the right offer to the right person. It is very important to be visible with valuable content and prove your expertise. Micro-learning content dripping is a form of drip marketing and a great idea for lead nurturing, and mini-courses work perfectly for this job.

You can create engaging mini-courses in minutes, share them in your newsletters as a drip campaign, and also embed them on your web pages for your audience to enjoy. Inform, determine knowledge level, and show a customized message upon completion. Personalized communication is very important if you’d like to convince for big offers! You can also gate access with a password wall to give a sense of exclusivity.

For these purposes, we have prepared a mini-course template for lead nurturing. You can view it with a minimalist user interface from this link or check the embedded version above.

You can reach, customize, and use the very same template on your own dashboard, as well.

Get started now, and create your own lead-nurturing mini-course super fast by using this content template.

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