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You can try our mini-course templates prepared by our editorial team! They reflect the popular use cases of mini-courses and the best performing real-life examples from the MCG community and are here to inspire, guide and set examples for your own unique needs, like collecting emails with engaging lead magnets.

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Email marketing will never die. No matter how much digital marketing technologies have developed in years, it is still very important to collect emails from new people who’d be interested in your business. So, how to grow a mailing list? Presenting freebies is one of the most effective methods for lead generation. If you want to get the attention of your potential customers, you need good quality content as lead magnets.

You can use your mini-courses to introduce your field of expertise and domain authority to your audience in an engaging way. Give a taste of what you got, and let your audience follow! As mini-courses are bite-sized, interactive materials, they work better than eBooks or videos alone. Start with giving basic information, ask questions that will arouse curiosity, and collect emails with a signup wall.

Here is a quick tip: In Mini Course Generator, you can place the signup wall anywhere in the mini-course, not only at the beginning! This is a big difference from the traditional approach in marketing strategies, in which you need to collect emails from the end users before letting them see the real content. This situation results in so many emails bouncing from fake addresses or high unsubscribe rates. Yet, you have the option of building a lead funnel, convincing better with a sneak peek first and collecting more REAL emails. Read more here.

For these purposes, we have prepared a mini-course template for lead generation. You can view it with a minimalist user interface from this link or check the embedded version above.

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