See Mini Courses in Action

sharing mini-courses

Once you prepare your amazing mini-course, you can either embed it in your webpage or share its link. In the page, we would like to showcase how both ways look like from the end user’s perspective. How it looks like when you embed? Below, you can see the sample mini-course, which is about adding a […]

11 Creative Ways to Use Mini-Courses (A Comprehensive Guide)

Creative ways of using mini-courses

One of the most effective ways to keep people engaged with your business is through educational content. When you can provide relevant, interesting information that benefits your audience’s lives, they are more likely to stay connected and grow their relationship with you. By breaking down complex concepts into small chunks, it becomes easier to digest […]

How to test course ideas and promote your online course?

We think that the filmmaking business and training business have two great similarities: 1- Both good actors/actresses and good training professionals are stars → they are impressing their audience with their amazing performance. 2- Pre-launch marketing directly affects the success of both businesses. As we all know, a movie’s success is highly correlated with pre-launch marketing, and […]